The human success factor ...

Employees are not an expense factor, but a success factor: Without dedicated staff, the success of your company would not be possible.

Many companies do not take this into account. Train your employees. Motivate them. Teach them to work as a team. Practise with role-play and train them to overcome conflicts. Or provide classic training.

The atmosphere, surroundings and the perfect organisation has convinced many companies to host their events at the kongressissimo.

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Tested and rated highly

Excerpts from current reviews:

"... created a family-run conference hotel with character, whose reputation is not unjustified: the kongressissimo in Vilsbiburg."

"...It is a hotel, restaurant, sport park and events centre under one roof. In this unusual building, it has been possible to learn, teach, discuss and work since 1998. In conference rooms as they should be: bright, functional and technically modern."

"... With the variety of options you can always enjoy a conference here in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. There is no sense of the hectic here - the room separation and the expansive individual areas are perfect."

"...The charming, rural town of Vilsbiburg and the kongressissimo with modern equipment and its four-star quality - much more than you would expect in the region!"

"... It says it all about the kongressissimo concept that demand has increased so much that an expansion of the conference area is being planned."

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